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Entrevista con Victoria de los Ángeles IV
Entrevista con Daniela Dessi
Por Publicado el: 01/09/2016Categorías: Entrevistas

Entrevista con Victoria de los Ángeles III

Proseguimos esta semana con la tercera entrevista a Victoria de los Ángeles, esta vez en francés.

Publicado el 26 ago. 2016

Following a Concert in 1984,Victoria de los Angeles is interviewed by a French speaking journalist.

Short translation:-
My proper name is Victoria de los Angeles.
As a child sang Spanish songs my mother knew
Sang Schubert’s Heidenroslein when 7 years of age
At school exposed to a lot of Schubert and Wagner—-was really emotionally moved by this music
I did well in the exams at the Conservatory—-that is how I found myself in this career
But I was never interested in fame or being a celebrity,and I still feel that way

Speaks about her opera debut in 1945 as the Countess in the Marriage of Figaro

I have put a lot of dedication and devotion into my career—-it is one of the most beautiful careers in the world.

Major roles at the Met–Yes the 1950s were wonderful. I cherish my memories of the Met as it existed then. Some great singers.
I loved playing Mimi in La Boheme and Butterfly—–I could relate to them a lot.
Manon a great success
Wagner—Die Meistersinger, Lohengrin and Tannhauser

Bayreuth Festival—an unforgettable experience

» I was a student the first time I heard a recording of Ninon Vallin singing Melisande—–I think it is one of the most beautiful operas in the world. »

This interview is a glimpse into the personality of a very great world famous Spanish singer from Barcelona.

Victoria de los Angeles,born Barcelona in 1923 and died in Barcelona in 2005.
Married and had two sons
Juan Enrique born 1963
Alejandro born 1965

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