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Por Publicado el: 04/09/2010Categorías: En la prensa

Kent Nagano extends his contract as Music Director of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

Kent Nagano extends his contract as Music Director of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

The Chairman of the Board of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM) Lucien Bouchard announced yesterday evening in Montréal the extension of Kent Nagano’s contract as Music Director of the OSM. This new agreement, which runs through the 2013-2014 season, includes the option for another 2 years beyond that.

«As a new chapter in the OSM’s history is about to begin with the opening of a new concert hall,» states OSM Chairman of the Board Lucien Bouchard, «we welcome with much enthusiasm the renewal of the contract of this great conductor here in Montreal. Maestro Nagano has wonderfully contributed to the local and international renown of the Orchestra through innovative programming that creates a sense of common bond, recordings and tours acclaimed by both the public and critics, as well as through constant initiative in reaching out to the community.»

«It is with great pleasure and emotion that I have accepted the OSM’s invitation to extend my contract,» declares Kent Nagano. «It will allow further building and expansion of our great tradition into the future as well as sharing the exceptional qualities of Quebec culture with the local and international community. Over the last years, I have witnessed the importance of Arts and Culture in Quebec, discovered the exceptional sophistication and open mind of our public, felt the communal strength and shared a unique civic spirit. Today I feel privileged to renew my commitment to the Orchestra and to Montreal.»

OSM Chief executive officer Madeleine Careau further declares : «Ever since his arrival in Montréal, Maestro Nagano, the musicians of the Orchestra as well as the public have shared a most privileged bond. For some time now, there was a common will to see him remain with the OSM. It was therefore natural to extend this collaboration, which has shown itself to be most successful over the past four years.»

Kent Nagano’s second term as music director of the OSM will begin with the opening of the Orchestra’s new concert hall in the Fall of 2011. The acoustics of this world-class hall shall bear the signature of renowned firm Artec, whereas Diamond and Schmitt Architects is responsible for its architecture. This project is being realized through a public-private partnership between the government of Quebec and Groupe immobilier Ovation.

In September 2006, Kent Nagano officially became the eighth Music Director of the OSM. He was preceded in this position by Wilfrid Pelletier (1935-1941), Désiré Defauw (1941-1953), Igor Markevitch (1957-1961), Zubin Mehta (1961-1967), Franz-Paul Decker (1967-1975), Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos (1975-1976) and Charles Dutoit (1977-2002).

The OSM having celebrated over 75 years of existence, the excellence of the Orchestra has been demonstrated in the course of over 40 national and international tours. The OSM has produced nearly 100 recordings, earning 48 national and international awards.

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