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Por Publicado el: 12/03/2020Categorías: Cartas

Manifiestos a favor de Plácido Domingo

Dear Sir / Madam, Hope this message finds you well. Just in case you are not aware of some of them. Please find below some of the many testimonies on Placido Domingo’s integrity from his colleagues in the opera world. Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Lan Xiao.

Statements from: Eugene Kohn (conductor), Anna Tomowa-Sintow, Raina Kabaivanska, Violeta Urmana, Verónica Villarroel, Yelena Kurdina (vocal coach), Stefan Tanzer (Vienna Volksoper chorus member)


Plácido Domingo

*** Eugene Kohn (conductor): I first met Plácido Domingo in 1967, and we have worked together closely since 1985. It’s been a pleasure and an honor to conduct him in over 800 opera and concert performances on five continents: a great singer and a kind, compassionate human being. On stage, Domingo reveals his soul through an unmatched expressive tone capacity. Living through countless rehearsals together, study periods, travel, meals and parties, has proven to me the quality of this man’s patience, goodness, and lack of malice in his personal life. He would not hurt a fly. Family, music, and football, seem divided almost equally as his top priorities, and quiet, non-programmed time is challenging to achieve in his busy daily life. Domingo is frequently surrounded by admirers, both male and female, hoping to get closer to his magnetism- and sometimes using extreme methods to achieve this. Our operatic world provides easy opportunity for intimacy and romantic fantasy. Stage directors work demandingly with their vocal artists to ensure that an embrace, a bodily caress, or even a kiss on the mouth are effected with kinetic passion and believability. These moments can be focused on during staging rehearsals until they’re perfected, giving onlookers an opportunity to conjecture, to comment, and even to gossip about possibly false conclusions. In all the decades that I’ve known Plácido Domingo, I have never seen him force attention on a colleague, never seen him “make deals” with anyone, and have never observed the type of behavior that some recent negative press articles stated he is being accused of by eight anonymous women. Until a week ago, the single non-anonymous accuser had him proudly featured on her website. Maestro Domingo is a principled human being, full of love and generosity- both obvious and clear to all who truly know him, and to all those whose ears and soul are fed by the honesty and unique clarity of the vocal tone of his beloved voice. Sincerely, Eugene Kohn August 15th, 2019 Source: [Please also refer to attachment]

*** Anna Tomowa-Sintow: “Over the many years of our artistic collaboration I have always experienced Placido Domingo to be a wonderful human being and an absolutely impeccable partner on stage, as well as a great and tremendously devoted artist. His purpose in life is and always has been to serve music and the arts. Anna Tomowa-Sintow” Source: Slipped Disc website (October 10, 2019):

*** Raina Kabaivanska: «During my long career I have performed many times with Placido Domingo and we shared great success on the stage. Placido has always been a gentleman.» Source (Aug 13, 2019):

*** Violeta Urmana: “I’ve been working with Maestro Placido Domingo for over 20 years. He’s a phenomenal artist, the kindest and most correct person! #VioletaUrmana #StandbyDomingo #StandbyPlacidoDomingo” Source (Aug 16, 2019):

*** Verónica Villarroel: “We all desire to live in a safe and Just world where any type of abuse is erradicated. At this difficult time, and based in my own experience, I can only manifest my support for someone who is a great Maestro and generous and loyal colleague. Placido Domingo is an artist with whom I shared the highest joy and deepest anguish performing Opera together, always framed by respect, professionalism and trust. He is a man who has always been a fundamental Pilar for many different artists in difficult moments of their careers. Furthermore, I have also had the privilege of knowing his family to whom he has passionately dedicated his life. I trust justice will be served so that we can all live in harmony again. #StandByDomingo #IStandByPlacidoDomingo” Source (Aug 20, 2019):

*** Yelena Kurdina (vocal coach who worked closely with Placido Domingo in preparation of “The Queen of Spades” at the Met) I have been silent on the subject of Placido Domingo for many reasons but today I can’t be silent any longer. Today is a sad day… it is a sad day for justice, for the world of opera and for all decent people… A great man and artist has been publicly destroyed… Destroyed by the court of public opinion forced on us by press with no scruples and only interested in damaging him, social media at its worst and a politician who doesn’t know what “innocent until proven guilty” means… As usual Domingo took a high road and said : “I believe that my appearance in this production of Macbeth would distract from the hard work of my colleagues both on stage and behind the scenes”… I have no doubt that he wanted to spare his colleagues… This is a man I know… 20 years ago I had the honor of teaching Placido Domingo the part of Ghermann in Tchaikovsky’s “The Queen of Spades”. It was an extraordinary time in my professional life. I have spent many hours working with him alone, in my apartment… Nobody will ever convince me that he is what he has been called in press and on social media. On the opening night of that production I wrote a letter to Placido. Today I want to post it on my page to celebrate an amazing person. Today I feel exactly the same way… “March 15, 1999 Dearest Placido, There are no words profound enough to tell you what an honor, privilege and extraordinary joy it has been for me to work with you. It is without any doubt the happiest and most important accomplishment of my professional life but even more importantly, knowing you has been a great revelation to me personally. There are people who are meant to give to others because something was given to them in abundance. You have been blessed with not only a glorious voice and talent but that rare and most precious gift of giving and sharing your love for music, people and life with everyone around you. You have become an amazing example and inspiration for me in so many ways. Your dedication, patience, concentration, commitment, discipline don’t cease to fascinate me but even more so the respect and consideration with which you treat others and your incredible grace and kindness in every circumstance. You may not realize it but every hour we spent working meant not only a great deal to me but eventually to everyone else I worked with because of the joy you brought into my life. I can not ever thank you enough for letting me become part of this fantastic experience. I know that your Ghermann will be the best one ever, as it is for me, and a great success. With much love, respect and admiration, Yelena Kurdina #ISupportPlacidoDomingo #StandByDomingo Source (Sep 25, 2019):

*** Stefan Tanzer (Vienna Volksoper chorus member): “I am only a chorus member of Vienna Volksoper, Plácido Domingo had sung with our company in 1993 («Il Tabarro»), but I was not yet member of the theatre then. Unfortunately I’ve never had the possibility to be on stage together with him, but as a student I heard a lot of his performances at Vienna State Opera and had the chance to meet him personally a few times. I got to know a very sincere, sympathetic and nice artist. Further on I had taken part in a lot of opera performances in concert, doing supporting roles aside a great deal of well known soloists during the last 25 years. Many of them had worked together with Plácido Domingo, some of them took prizes at Operalia and had got a lot of support by him at the start of their careers. You know, singers sitting together after rehearsals, having a glass of wine or beer, like to chat about colleagues – especially the better known ones. So of course I heard a lot of stories about Domingo. But not even one person told us anything disgusting about him! I have never heard any bad word about him, but I did about a lot of other persons in our business. All the people I met that had worked together with him were impressed by his personality. And they estimate him a lot. And so do I.” Source (Aug 17, 2019):

Stefan Tanzer


  1. Elena Cernat 12/03/2020 a las 09:02 - Responder

    Thanks, to all Placido Domingo’s colleagues from the opera world for testimonies!
    Thanks, Lan Xiao and Beckmesser for initiative!

    Best regards,
    Elena Cernat

  2. Daniela 12/03/2020 a las 09:03 - Responder

    Thank you Beckmesser. com for posting statements in favor of Maestro Domingo. The public must be made aware of the truth.

  3. Mari 12/03/2020 a las 11:02 - Responder

    Thank you for supporting Maestro Domingo!

  4. Juan Robles 13/03/2020 a las 16:33 - Responder

    Siempre con usted gran maestro y bella persona

  5. Encarnación 13/03/2020 a las 18:12 - Responder

    Por fin manifiestos a favor de Placido Domingo. Cuando demuestren que el maestro les ponía una navaja en el cuello para sus fines, entonces hablamos. Están utilizando el boom del feminismo, para desprestigiar al mejor cantante de ópera de todos los tiempos.

  6. Gabriel Merello 13/03/2020 a las 18:51 - Responder

    I fully support Plácido Domingo. He os a crear musician as well as a wonderful human being whom I thoroughly admire. Gabriel Merello gabrielmerello

  7. Raiwons 14/03/2020 a las 03:58 - Responder

    Últimamente parece que estamos en los tiempos de la inquisición, todos señalamos con el dedo al que está enfrente, y quizás sea porque tememos que se fijen en nosotros, primero hay que hacer una valoración, de lo que se considera acoso, y por quien? Hacer proposiciones no es acoso, siempre queda la posibilidad de decir (NO!) posiblemente Plácido Domingo, en algún momento haya sido acosado, pero como es un caballero no lo dice, somos adultos o no? Pues dejemos de cazar brujas donde no las hay.

  8. Raiwons 14/03/2020 a las 04:11 - Responder

    Lately it seems that we are in the times of the inquisition, we all point the finger at the one in front, and perhaps it is because we fear that they will notice us, first we must make an assessment of what is considered harassment, and by whom? Proposing is not harassment, there is always the possibility of saying (NO!) Possibly Plácido Domingo, at some point he has been harassed, but since he is a gentleman he does not say it, are we adults or not? Well, let’s stop hunting witches where there are none.
    Raiwons also in YouTube

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